Weekly #11: The Key to Winning in 2012

After reading several articles about Candidate Obama, including an article in Infonomics Magazine and Edelman’s Social Pulpit, I have a greater understanding of what happened behind the scenes in regards to online activism and the use of technology during the campaign.

All can agree that Team Obama did a great job mobilizing support during the campaign.  As noted in the articles, Obama used a system of customer relationship management (CRM) to the highest extent, a system which formed the backbone of the digital campaign and enabled them to integrate and streamline an enormous amount of functionality and information.

An article in Mother Jones by Michael Silberman, presents an interesting concept:  “The next campaign managers must decide: Follow the online-offline hybrid model used by Obama in 2008, or use technology in new ways to scale grassroots and field organizing beyond what has yet been possible.”

I think campaign 2012 will need to implement a robust online/offline strategy and while technology will be key, it will not be the ultimate driving force.  I also believe campaign 2012 will be structured very similar to Obama 2008, and very similar to what was mentioned in the two articles I noted previously.

Public relations firms will work off the Obama model and will make it even better.  There will be a high focus on digital communications and mobile applications, among whatever other trends and technologies emerge along the way.

I can talk technology all day, but I think the candidate to win in 2012 will be successful based on politics and establishing a connection with voters on a personal level.  Uniqueness of campaign messages will be essential: candidates will need to find/focus on provocative messaging to distinguish themselves from the competition and ultimately resonate in the mind of the voter.

Every candidate will have the same technology (to some extent) and they will all implement the same digital strategies (to some extent, again).  It is hard to predict what will be the key to winning considering it is still so early in the game.

What do you think?


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