Weekly# 10 – Milblogs

In the age of increased information sharing, it is hard to draw the line and determine when content should or should not be accessible online.  This week’s blog post is intended to address the controversial topic about war coverage: is seeing and reading about war online a good thing or a bad thing?

Until this blog post, I had never even thought about the issue.  For numerous reasons, it is hard for me to make a personal connection with what is happening day-in and day-out on the frontlines and to picture war as reality.  This sounds really bad, but it is the truth, and I think many other Americans feel the same.  It is hard to make a connection with something you do not understand.  And I think that is where miliblogging comes into play… it is a way to share information about the war to people who don’t know what is really happening.

Michael Yon phrased it nicely in his blog, “The longer I stayed, the better I understood things. And I began to realize that Americans need to see these things in order to understand what is happening here and come to a more informed judgment of whether this struggle is “worth” the cost, in money and lives. No one can make that determination without a balanced set of facts.”

Images and video content from war might be graphic, but it is reality, it is happening every day.  Americans are enduring this for us and we have an intrinsic right, duty and a privilege to know what is happening, not only for a personal peace of mind and enlightenment, but also in respect for those who are fighting for us.

When it comes to graphic content (particularly shootings) there is a line to be crossed… but who gets to decide how much is too much?


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